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Nyxon Updates

MESMERMIZE Nyxon And Ziva Switched For Real Time Training Session
Nyxon , Ziva Fey
Available to Members Now

Ziva just loves working with Nyon whenever she comes to town, and really enjoys shooting her fun, quirky fetish clips. Nyxon explains to Ziva that they're going to do a mesmerize clip first & hands Ziva a pair of glasses. She gives her camera guy (silent POV) some direction, then tells him to press "record"....

Tags: Female Training Mental Domination Mesmerize Pantyhose
VORE Ami Mercury Hungry Hungry Therapist
Ami Mercury , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

After a long morning of seeing patients, Dr. Mercury is ready for lunch, when her phone rings. She rolls her eyes when she sees who it is on the caller ID, but being a good Dr, she answers anyway. Her longtime patient Nyxon is having some sort of mental emergency, and insists on coming in right away....

Tags: Bloated Belly Body Inflation Expansion Transformation
GIANTESS Nyxon And Valora Tiny Slave Taunted And Toyed With
Nyxon , Valora
Available to Members Now

Nyxon is excited to show her friend Valora her tiny pet human that she has stashed in a cage, promising that they can do whatever they want to him. Both Nyxon & Valora put there faces super close to the cage to get a better look. They taunt & tease him with their long razor sharp fingernails, and they...

Tags: Face Fetish Finger Fetish Giantess Mouth Fetish
FEMDOM Nyxon Carmen And Dante Teaching The Tutor A Lesson
Carmen X , Dante
Available to Members Now

Carmen's tutor starts to get fresh with her during their session, and she's not having any of it. She tells him to stop, but that just makes him come on to her more aggressively. He puts his hand up her skirt, and Carmen hits him with her clipboard, knocking him back on the couch. She continues to hit...

Tags: Bondage Male Female Domination Foot Humiliation Foot Worship
FREEZE Whitney Morgan Scrooge Frozen And Transformed Into Office Christmas Tree
Nyxon , Whitney Morgan
Available to Members Now

It's Christmas Eve & Nyxon Cratchett is getting reprimanded by Whitney Morgan Scrooge for being more interested in Christmas than in her work. Nyxon explains that it's the Christmas season & perhaps the office needs a Christmas tree as a little pick me up. Whitney Scrooge erupts on poor Nyxon & tells...

Tags: Freeze Garter & Stockings Lingerie Transformation
VORE Nyxon Mia And Elara The Raw Diet
Elara Wren , Mia Hope
Available to Members Now

Elara Wren has been on this new raw diet, and it's causing her to be more hungry than usual. She calls up her friends Nyxon & Mia, and invites herself over for a bit to eat. Once there, the insatiable hunger takes over & Elara grabs Nyxon swallowing her whole. Once Nyxon is safely inside of her belly,...

Tags: Belly Inflation Bloated Belly Expansion Vore
PANTYHOSE SNIFFING Nyxon And Ziva Fey Pantyhose Penalty
Nyxon , Ziva Fey
Available to Members Now

Nyxon's houseguest Ziva has overstayed her welcome by almost 2 weeks, and when Nyxon confronts her about rebooking her flight home, Ziva doesn't seem interested. That's the last straw for Nyxon who climbs onto the bed, grabs Ziva's face & shoves it deep into the soles of her pantyhose covered feet. Ziva...

Tags: Ass Smothering Foot Humiliation Foot Smelling Humiliation
FEMDOM Nyxon And Donnie Hart Stop Bothering Me Stepbro
Donny Hart , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Nyxon is scrolling on her phone when her stepbro Donny comes in to bother her. She tells him to leave her alone, but that just makes him agitate her even more. When he tries to grab her phone, Nyxon quickly overpowers him & places her hand over his mouth. The next scene opens up with Donny tied up tightly...

Tags: Bondage Male Female Domination Femdom Gagged Men