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Whitney Morgan Updates

STUCK Whitney Morgan Big Stuck Butt
Whitney Morgan
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*this is a custom clip Whitney Morgan is sitting in a chair eating snacks, and when she goes to stand up to get more snacks, she finds that her big ass is stuck in the chair. There's no way her ass grew that big that fast! Whitney tries pushing the chair, even pulling it to see if she can get herself...

Tags: Barefoot Foot Fetish Jeans Fetish Struggling
BODY INFLATION Whitney Morgan Halloween Party Blowup
Whitney Morgan
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Whitney Morgan is excited about her Halloween party & is feeling extra sexy in her cop costume. As she's attending to the finishing touches & blowing up a few balloons, one particular balloon starts to give her a bit of trouble. Realizing that her guests will start arriving any minute, Whitney blows...

Tags: Balloons Body Inflation Cosplay Expansion
VAMPIRE Nyxon Whitney And Kitty Whitneys First Feed
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
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The last time we saw Whitney Morgan she was being transformed into a vampire. Now, she must go out & feed for the first time. Her maker, Nyxon, asks her where she'd like to go, and naturally Whitney chooses the goth club. Once there, she finds a tender little morsel named Kitty Quinn who is more than...

Tags: Big Tits Erotic Magic Lesbian Mesmerize
BREAST EXPANSION Whitney Morgan Bippity Boppity Boobs
Nyxon , Whitney Morgan
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Whitney Morgan keeps striking out with her dates lately. They always have a good time together, but when it's time to go back to her house, their really disappointed when her clothes come off & some are even mad at her for wearing a padded bra & "false advertising". Whitney wishes out loud that she had...

Tags: Body Inflation Breast Expansion Humor Struggling
FREEZE Nyxon And Whitney The Pre-Date Freeze
Nyxon , Whitney Morgan
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Whitney's boyfriend has been stepping out on her with her roommate Nyxon, and Whitney confirms this when he accidentally sends her a sext that was meant for Nyxon. Wanting to get even with them, Whitney finds a revenge app while scrolling on her phone & decides to try it out. What has she got to lose,...

Tags: Big Tits Embarrassed Naked Female Erotic Magic Freeze
VAMPIRE Nyxon And Whitney Together For Eternity
Nyxon , Whitney Morgan
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Whitney met the Nyxferatu on an alternative dating app & they've been seeing each other for a few weeks now. Up until this point, Nyxferatu has been quite mysterious, but this evening she invited Whitney back to her place after the club. She asks Whitney how she's been enjoying herself these past few...

Tags: Lesbian Mesmerize Vampire Woman Following Orders
GIANTESS Nyxon And Whitney The Curious Tiny
Nyxon , Whitney Morgan
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Nyxon & Whitney are having a conversation on the couch while unknowingly being watched by a tiny man. He creeps closer to them as they continue to talk, when suddenly Nyxon notices something scurrying on the floor. She calls attention to it & both her & Whitney get down to inspect it. After realizing...

Tags: Amazons Foot Fetish Giantess POV Giantess
LAUGHING Whitney Morgan Cackle Box Brain Drain
Whitney Morgan
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Whitney has been dumpster diving again, and this time she's found a cool antique metal box. She shimmies the lock open to see what's inside, and when she lifts the lid a strange cackle emits from the box. Whitney quickly slams the lid down while giving a nervous giggle. Intrigued, Whitney lifts the lid...

Tags: Humor Laughing Transformation