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Ami Mercury Updates

FEMBOT Ami Mercury From Frump To Fembot
Ami Mercury
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Frumpy Ami Mercury is sitting on her couch, when suddenly a pile of sexy lingerie & heels appears next to her out of nowhere. Taken aback, she picks up the items & examines each one. Intrigued by the sexy items, she decides to try them on. As soon as Ami is dressed in the lingerie, electricity begins...

Tags: Female Training Fembot Garter & Stockings Robot
STUCK Ami Mercury Desperately Stuck In Her Jeans
Ami Mercury , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Ami Mercury desperately has to pee, but she can't seem to get her big butt out of her tight jeans. She flops around on the couch trying to peel off her denim prison, but they just won't budge. She tries a few different positions, first laying flat on her back, and then with her ass up in the air. She...

Tags: Barefoot Damsel In Distress Jeans Fetish Struggling
VORE Ami Mercury Hungry Hungry Therapist
Ami Mercury , Nyxon
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After a long morning of seeing patients, Dr. Mercury is ready for lunch, when her phone rings. She rolls her eyes when she sees who it is on the caller ID, but being a good Dr, she answers anyway. Her longtime patient Nyxon is having some sort of mental emergency, and insists on coming in right away....

Tags: Bloated Belly Body Inflation Expansion Transformation
VORE Nyxon And Ami Mercury Creature Double Feature
Ami Mercury , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Nyxon & Ami are watching a horror movie, when Nyxon gets up to grab a snack. While she's gone, Ami hears a strange noise, but chalks it up to her being scared from the movie. Suddenly, a bunch of strange vines come crawling towards her, wrapping themselves around her. Ami screams & struggles as much...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Barefoot Bondage Struggling
HOM Nyxon And Ami Mercury POV HOM And Tape Gagging
Ami Mercury , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Nyxon & Ami have caught you sneakin a peek at them in their bikinis while at the pool, so they decide to invite you over for a little bit of fun. No, not that kind of fun. They sit you down in a chair & Nyxon tapes you up nice & tight to make sure that you don't go anywhere. Then, Ami & Nyxon take turns...

Tags: Femdom Femdom POV Hand Fetish Hand Over Mouth
GIANTESS Nyxon And Ami Mercury Big Booty Office Amazons
Ami Mercury , Nyxon
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Secretaries Nyxon & Ami are just about ready to leave for the day when Nyxon spies a tiny man on the floor near her feet. She crouches down to get a good look, then calls Ami over to look at him. The ladies laugh at this tiny insignificant creature & Nyxon wraps her big hand around him bringing him closer...

Tags: Amazons Ass Fetish Foot Fetish Giantess
PANTYHOSE DOMINATION Nyxon And Ami Mercury Bumbling Cat Burglar Punished With Pantyhose Sniffing
Ami Mercury , Nyxon
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Cat burglars Nyxon & Ami are part of a band of thieves, and lately Ami hasn't been pulling her weight. Her nerves & anxiety have been getting the best of her during the past few heists & have almost landed the group of thieves in jail. Not wanting to go to prison for someone else's fuck up, Nyxon decides...

Tags: Catsuits Foot Domination Foot Smelling Pantyhose
FREEZE Hotel Creep Freezes Ami Mercury
Ami Mercury
Available to Members Now

Ami Mercury is talking on the phone, in her hotel room, when an intruder walks in & freezes her solid. The intruder manipulates Ami's stiff limbs, making her pose in various different positions. She removes Ami's top, and gropes her large boobs. The intruder unfreezes Ami, and after a few seconds of...

Tags: Doll Fetish Freeze POV
Hotel Creep Freezes Ami Mercury