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Terra Mizu Updates

BODY INFLATION Nyxon And Terra Annoying Trainers Sudden Expansion
Nyxon , Terra Mizu
Available to Members Now

Nyxon is annoyed at her go-getter personal trainer Terra & how perfect her stupid body is. When Terra tells her that she wants to take a break to consume her protein shake, Nyxon tells her that she just got a new one in the mail & offers to make one for her. Terra quickly drinks the whole thing, and...

Tags: Body Inflation Expansion Humor Transformation
WOMAN FOLLOWIG ORDERS Nyxon And Terra The Mysterious Remote
Nyxon , Terra Mizu
Available to Members Now

Nyxon finds a strange remote on her stoop as she's coming home & rushes into the living room to show her roommate Terra. Unimpressed, Terra tells her that it's probably just some dumb TV remote & it's nothing special. Nyxon begins to fool around with some of the buttons & when she presses one she freezes...

Tags: Freeze Humor Mental Domination Mesmerize
VORE Nyxon And Terra Chompy Cheater Double Cross
Nyxon , Terra Mizu
Available to Members Now

Nyxon invites her friend Terra Mizu over to show her her new exotic pet, and Terra is quite intrigued. Nyxon encourages her to get on the floor to pet & inspect it, and as Terra reaches her hand down, the monster grabs it in his huge teeth & begins pulling her inwards into his mouth. As Terra struggles...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Humor Struggling Vore
HOM Nyxon And Terra Caught By The Cat Burglars
Nyxon , Terra Mizu
Available to Members Now

Cat burglars Nyxon & Terra arrive at your house, and since you're at home, you let them in. You took one look at them in their slick catsuits & you decided to let them have their way with you... which is exactly what they did. They sit you down in a chair, the one at a time they place their hands over...

Tags: Hand Fetish Hand Gagging Hand Over Mouth POV
TRANSFORMATION Terra Mizu The Worst Witch
Terra Mizu
Available to Members Now

It's almost time for the big Halloween dance at school, and witch Terra Mizu is tired of being looked over. So, she's gathered a bunch of magic ingredients to help her concoct a spell that will make her simply irresistible to all of the spooky warlocks at school. She starts out by dumping a few ingredients...

Tags: Big Tits Humor Magic Control Transformation
ROBOT Scarlett And Terra Fitbot Fiasco
Scarlett Venom , Terra Mizu
Available to Members Now

Scarlett is super excited about her new Fitbot personal trainer & can't wait to start her workouts. She skims through the instruction manual, then powers her up. Fitbot Terra starts Scarlett out with some easy jumping jacks, but after a few minutes begins to glitch. Scarlett powers Terra down, then reboots...

Tags: Fembot Humor Robot Woman Following Orders
Scarlett And Terra Fitbot Fiasco
FREEZE Terra And Scarlett Point And Freeze
Scarlett Venom , Terra Mizu
Available to Members Now

Terra found a cool old digital camera at a resale shop & she shows it to her friend Scarlett, who has never seen one before. Terra briefly explains how the camera works & wants to take a photo of Scarlett. Scarlett gives a sassy pose, Terra presses the button & Scarlett remains frozen in place. Terra...

Tags: Doll Fetish Freeze Transformation
Terra And Scarlett Point And Freeze
VORE Terra Mizu Sailor Uranus Vs The Negaverse
Terra Mizu
Available to Members Now

*this is a custom clip There is a large army of monsters from the Negaverse attacking the city. Sailor Uranus arrives at the scene before the other sailor scouts & shrinks down the monsters.There is still an evil aura around the area that can hurt civilians, and with the most of Sailor Unranus' power...

Tags: Cosplay Giantess Shrinking Fetish Throat Fetish
Terra Mizu Sailor Uranus vs The Negaverse