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Mia Hope Updates

VORE Nyxon Mia And Elara The Raw Diet
Elara Wren , Mia Hope
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Elara Wren has been on this new raw diet, and it's causing her to be more hungry than usual. She calls up her friends Nyxon & Mia, and invites herself over for a bit to eat. Once there, the insatiable hunger takes over & Elara grabs Nyxon swallowing her whole. Once Nyxon is safely inside of her belly,...

Tags: Belly Inflation Bloated Belly Expansion Vore
VAMPIRE Nyxon Mia And Elara Vampire Threesome
Elara Wren , Mia Hope
Available to Members Now

The Nyxferatu & her young protege Elara have gone out hunting for the night, and have returned home with a juicy blue haired eager babe. All three get comfy in the master bedroom, where Nyxon places Mia under and enchanting spell, heightening her senses & providing the most euphoric end of the night...

Tags: Big Tits Erotic Magic Lesbian Mesmerize
BREAST EXPANSION Nyxon Mia And Elara Big Booby Bully Blowup
Elara Wren , Mia Hope
Available to Members Now

Mia's roommates Nyxon & Elara are always taunting her with their huge fake tits & making fun of her itty bitty titties, until one night when she's had enough. As soon as her roommates leave for the evening, Mia pulls out a magical amulet that will help her get her revenge. She places the amulet around...

Tags: Big Tits Body Inflation Breast Expansion Breast Smothering
FREEZE Mia Hope Youth Dew
Mia Hope , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Mia Hope just purchased an amazing serum that promises to seal in her youthful looks for eternity. Determined to never age, she lifts the bottle to her face & sprays the serum. Immediately upon impact, the serum freezes Mia solid like a mannequin. Some time passes & her roommate Nyxon, needing to use...

Tags: Doll Fetish Erotic Magic Freeze Humor
MESMERIZE Mia Hope Reprogrammed By Faulty Antenna
Mia Hope
Available to Members Now

Mia Hope can't believe how expensive cable television is, so she cancels hers & buys a little antenna so that she can still get local channels. She plugs it in & sets it up, but as she's doing so, a loud "zap" can be heard & an electrical current courses through her body completely reprogramming her....

Tags: Entranced Mental Domination Mesmerize Woman Following Orders
FREEZE Nyxon And Mia Hope Mias Frozen Secret
Mia Hope , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Nyxon is relaxing in the living room when her roommate Mia walks in with a colorful perfume atomizer. Nyxon asks her if it's a new fragrance & Mia tells her that it's a secret. A secret? Nyxon rolls her eyes & begs to smell it, so Mia sprays a few puffs in her face freezing her immediately. Now that...

Tags: Big Tits Erotic Magic Freeze Magic Control
VORE Mia Hope A Thanksgiving Feast
Mia Hope
Available to Members Now

Mia arrives at her family's house for Thanksgiving dinner, but no one is around. She stands alone in the living room for a few minutes before noticing the strange monster on the floor. She bends down to get a closer look & the beast grabs her hand with his big sharp teeth, pulling her slowly into his...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Ass Fetish Foot Fetish Garter & Stockings
MESMERIZED Mia Hope Zapped Into Submission
Mia Hope
Available to Members Now

Gamer girl Mia Hope is just about to close out an important level, when her controller begins to act funny. She smacks it & shakes it while still trying to get through the level, when suddenly an electric current zaps her, putting her into a trance. She places the controller on the couch, raises her...

Tags: Foot Worship Magic Control Mesmerize Self-Foot Worship