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Maria Jade Updates

WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS Maria Jade Controlled Sexuality
Maria Jade
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*this is a custom clip Maria Jade has just arrived at a friend's house, and she's talking on the phone with her guy. Her friend's creepy stepbrother (POV) let's her in & tells her that his stepsister is out. He tries to flirt with her & touch her, but she tells him to back off. Eventually she gets...

Tags: Embarrassed Naked Female Freeze Humiliation Mental Domination
SHRINKING Maria Jade Shrinking And Smooshing The Boss
Maria Jade
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Maria Jade is sick & tired of her boss overworking her, and she's decided to teach him a little lesson. She's completely over taking memos, making copies, and doing all of the other menial office tasks that he makes her do, and it's time she got even. While she's taking her break in the break room, he...

Tags: Ass Fetish Foot Fetish Giantess POV Giantess
FREEZE Maria Jade Rude Shopper Becomes Permanent Display
Maria Jade , Nyxon
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Maria Jade rushes into a high end lingerie boutique, and asks the owner if she has something strappy. The owner (Nyxon) shows a cute bra, and Maria scoffs at it, asking her if it was from Target. Nyxon explains to Maria that each piece in her shop is a one of a kind handmade piece, but Maria just continues...

Tags: Doll Fetish Erotic Magic Freeze Magic Control
FREEZE Maria Jade Real Estate Agents Unaware Time Stop
Maria Jade
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Real estate agent Maria Jade is showing her client (POV) a house, when suddenly there's a noise that freezes her in her tracks. The POV looks her up & down, then makes the noise again unfreezing Maria. Without skipping a beat, Maria picks up right where she left off & continues to talk about the property....

Tags: Doll Fetish Freeze POV Stripping
Maria Jade Real Estate Agents Unaware Time Stop
VORE Maria Jade Gobbling Up The Rivals
Maria Jade
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Maria Jade is trying out for the lead in the ballet production, but doesn't like that she has to compete against so many other ballerinas. As she's stretching, a particularly annoying girl (POV) approaches her & begins to chat her up. After a few minutes, Maria knows that she has to do something, and...

Tags: Body Inflation Eating POV Vore
Maria Jade Gobbling Up The Rivals
STRIPPING Maria Jade Made To Strip B & E
Maria Jade
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Maria Jade decides to snoop around inside her neighbor's house, and is caught completely off guard when her neighbor (Nyxon as POV) catches her in the act. Maria tries to talk her way out of it & goes to leave, but the neighbor decides that Maria needs to learn a lesson. She's sick & tired of the bratty...

Tags: Embarrassed Naked Female Humiliation Imposed Stripping POV
Maria Jade Made To Strip B And E
LAUGHING GAS Maria Jade Giggles & Masturbation
Maria Jade
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Maria Jade had so much fun using her laughing & masturbating the last time, that she's been doing it on a regular basis. She sits down on the floor, and places the mask over her face & takes in a deep breath. Her eyes light up as the giggle juice courses through her & she gives a big toothy grin. She...

Tags: Laughing Gas Masturbation Solo Masturbation Transformation
Maria Jade Giggles And Masturbation