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Mandy Wolf Updates

VAMPIRE Mandy Wolf Interview With The Nyxferatu
Mandy Wolf , Nyxon
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An eccentric rich woman has just moved into town, and up & coming journalist Mandy Wolf wants to get to the bottom of why she chose to relocate to such a redneck area. Surely this woman is too sophisticated for this small town. Once the interview starts, Mandy is completely captivated by the Nyxferatu...

Tags: Erotic Magic Lesbian Lesbian Domination Magic Control
VORE Mandy Wolf Horny Pervy Plants
Mandy Wolf
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*this is a custom clip Mandy is trying to find something to watch on tv, when she hears a strange noise. She stands up to see what it could be, and is quickly attacked by some strange vines. Once the vines have her all wrapped up & in their clutches, they drag her into the bedroom. The net scene opens...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Barefoot Bound Orgasms Struggling
FREEZE Nyxon And Mandy Post Mesmer Frozen Suggestion
Mandy Wolf , Nyxon
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Cleaning ladies Nyxon & Mandy are cleaning out an AirBnB, when Mandy tells Nyxon that her & her boyfriend went to a magic show the night before. She says that it was fun, but that she knows that it's all fake. She tells Nyxon that the mentalist put a "post mesmer suggestion" on the audience members,...

Tags: Embarrassed Naked Female Erotic Magic Freeze Groping
PANTYHOSE SNIFFING Nyxon And Mandy Break Curfew Sniff Nylons
Mandy Wolf , Nyxon
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Mandy thought she was being slick sneaking back into her house after breaking curfew, but when she walks into the living room, she sees her stepmom Nyxon sitting there waiting for her. Mandy comes up with some flimsy excuse as to why she was out so late, but Nyxon doesn't want to hear it. She tells Mandy...

Tags: Foot Smelling Humiliation Lesbian Domination Pantyhose
TICKLING Nyxon And Mandy The Tickle Bet
Mandy Wolf , Nyxon
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*this is a custom clip Poor Nyxon lost a bet to Mandy, and now she must pay up. This means that Mandy gets to tickle Nyxon's upper body mercilessly while Nyxon can't do anything to stop her.

Tags: Big Tits Female Tickling Female Laughing Rib Tickling
Mandy Wolf , Nyxon
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*this is a custom clip The clip opens up with roommates Nyxon & Mandy arguing over a mess. Mandy keeps making excuses for her messy ways, and Nyxon has had enough. She sucker punches Mandy whose head knocks back, and when it snaps forward we can see that she's in a trance-like state. Of course Nyxon...

Tags: Erotic Magic Foot Worship Magic Control Mesmerize
FREEZE Nyxon And Mandy Needful Things
Mandy Wolf , Nyxon
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Mandy has just had a tarot reading & is leaving the little shop, when she spies a pair of antique earrings on a shelf. Wondering why they were placed there, she decides that she must have them & slips them into her purse before slipping out the door. Once home, Mandy tries on the strange earrings. But,...

Tags: Embarrassed Naked Female Erotic Magic Freeze Humiliation
BODY INFLATION Mandy Wolf Expanding Her Options
Mandy Wolf
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It's almost time for Mandy's 10 year high school reunion, and she really wants to make an impression. In high school, she was always known as the nerdish book worm, and the popular students didn't even give her time time of day. Now that she's a world renowned scientist, she can just whip up a little...

Tags: Big Tits Bimbofication Body Inflation Breast Expansion