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Kitty Quinn Updates

LAUGHING Kitty Quinn Laughing Box Bimbification
Kitty Quinn
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Kitty Quinn has found an interesting box at a local flea market, and she's anxious to get home to see what's inside. She opens it up & a ridiculous laugh erupts from it. Kitty laugh at the silliness & opens it again. Each time she opens it & hears the crazy laugh, more & more of her brain cells are zapped...

Tags: Bimbofication Humor Laughing Magic Control
FREEZE Nyxon Kitty And Scarlett Revenge Freeze On Nosy Bitches
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Nyxon is in the process of breaking into Scarlett's diary, when her other roommate Kitty catches her in the act. Nyxon promises to show Kitty what Scarlett has written if she promises not to blab, and a deal is struck. While both Nyxon & Kitty are reading all of Scarlett's deepest darkest secrets, Scarlett...

Tags: Big Tits Embarrassed Naked Female Embarrassment Freeze
VORE Kitty Quinn What Big Eyes You Have
Kitty Quinn
Available to Members Now

Kitty Quinn is getting ready for bed, when she hears a strange noise. She blows it off as nothing, then hears it again. She gets up to investigate & when she returns to her room, there's a strange monster on her bed. Thinking he's cute, Kitty teases him for a bit while trying to see what he's all about....

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Ass Fetish Barefoot Foot Fetish
VAMPIRE Nyxon Whitney And Kitty Whitneys First Feed
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
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The last time we saw Whitney Morgan she was being transformed into a vampire. Now, she must go out & feed for the first time. Her maker, Nyxon, asks her where she'd like to go, and naturally Whitney chooses the goth club. Once there, she finds a tender little morsel named Kitty Quinn who is more than...

Tags: Big Tits Erotic Magic Lesbian Mesmerize
FREEZE Nyxon And Kitty Freeze Tag
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

The clip starts out with Kitty standing in her living room, frozen. Nyxon wants to know if she's like anything from the store & walks in to see Kitty in this odd state. At first she thinks that Kitty is doing some sort of Tik Tok challenge, but pretty soon it becomes apparent that Kitty is frozen solid...

Tags: Big Tits Embarrassed Naked Female Freeze Magic Control
ROBOT Kitty Quinn Cambot Glitches And Malfunctions
Kitty Quinn
Available to Members Now

Cambot Kitty Quinn is ready to start her weekly camshow & her fans have suggested she play a game of truth or dare. Programmed to be always eager, Kitty agrees & gets the game underway. Kitty answers the various "truth" questions & performs the assorted "dare" tasks, but after a few minutes begins to...

Tags: Doll Fetish Fembot Humor Robot
Kitty And Scarlett The Hangering Part 2
Kitty Quinn , Scarlett Venom
Available to Members Now

Kitty has just finished gobbling up her roommate Nyxon, but she's still famished. And with her belly expanded from eating her, she now requires even more food to fill it up. So, she places an order with Shipt & patiently waits for it to arrive. Some time passes & her Shipt shopper Scarlett shows up &...

Tags: Body Inflation Expansion Humor Vore
VORE Kitty Quinn The Hangering
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Kitty just placed a food order on Shipt not too long ago, and already all of the snacks are gone. She's really hangry & jonesing for a snack, and she just knows that her greedy roommate Nyxon ate everything. While Kitty is writing around on the bed in hanger, Nyxon walks in to check on her & is confronted...

Tags: Belly Inflation Body Inflation Implied Eating POV Eating