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Kitty Quinn Updates

Nyxon And Kitty Quinn Stuck In A Venomous Situation
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
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Scientist Kitty Quinn has been working on a top secret project for the US government & has just mutated some spider venom into a powerfully sticky substance. She carefully carries a bottle of the stuff into her lounge, but loses her balance spilling the super sticky venom all over the floor. She reaches...

Tags: Full Fashioned Stockings Garter & Stockings Humor Struggling
Nyxon And Kitty Quinn Burglars Foiled By Vindictive Plant
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
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*this is a custom clip Burglars Nyxon & Kitty sneak into a house to steal money & jewellery, and Nyxon decides that they should split up. Nyxon head to the kitchen & the living room, while Kitty checks out the bathroom & bedroom. Nyxon first goes into the kitchen & notices an unpleasant smell & starts...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Denim Fetish Humor Jeans Fetish
Kitty Quinn Enchanted Mirror Trains Her To Obey
Kitty Quinn
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Kitty Quinn is absolutely giddy over an old mirror that she found at the flea market. For an old mirror, it certainly makes her look especially good. While she's busy admiring her reflection, a strange graphic floats across the mirror putting Kitty into a deep trance. She then begins to receive instructions...

Tags: Erotic Magic Magic Control Mesmerize Twerking
Nyxon Kitty And Mandy Mesmerized By Sandal Master
Kitty Quinn , Mandy Wolf
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*this is a custom clip Mandy receives a package in the mail, and when she opens it she discovers a pair of ugly sandals. She makes a face, then sees a not inside the box instructing her to scan a QR code with her phone. A video pops up on her phone causing her eyes to glow white & she slowly goes...

Tags: Erotic Magic Foot Fetish Foot Worship Mesmerize
Nyxon Mandy And Kitty Finger Snaps And A Dirty Diaper
Kitty Quinn , Mandy Wolf
Available to Members Now

*this is a custom clip Mandy & Kitty are at a party when Nyxon walks into the room & snaps her fingers. At the snap, both ladies are frozen stiff & Mandy is sitting on Kitty's lap wearing nothing but a diaper. Nyxon snaps her fingers again, & Mandy unfreezes crawling onto the floor. Nyxon snaps her...

Tags: Diaper Freeze Magic Control
Kitty Quinn Devils Night TP Revenge
Kitty Quinn
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It's Devil's Night & Kitty Quinn has just finished tp-ing the neighborhood. Now at home reminiscing about the evening's exploits, she hears a door creak. She looks over & a roll of toilet paper rolls to her feet & wraps itself around her ankles. Kitty hops around struggling for a few minutes when another...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Humor Struggling Vore
Kitty Quinn Balloon Backfire
Kitty Quinn
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Kitty Quinn is really excited about her party, and blows up a few balloons to add some finishing touches to the decorations. She blows air into the big balloon, expanding it. Just as she gets the balloon to its full capacity, the balloon slips out of her hands & all of the air that she just pushed into...

Tags: Balloons Body Inflation Growth Fetish Humor
Kitty Quinn Big Yawns And Big Watery Eyes
Kitty Quinn
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Kitty Quinn gives her biggest & best yawns for you while explaining how yawning so much makes her feel. Her eyes start to water almost immediately, and Kitty's eye makeup runs down her cheeks & onto her neck.

Tags: Mouth Fetish Tongue Fetish Yawn Fetish