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Kitty Quinn Updates

ROBOT Kitty Quinn Cambot Glitches And Malfunctions
Kitty Quinn
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Cambot Kitty Quinn is ready to start her weekly camshow & her fans have suggested she play a game of truth or dare. Programmed to be always eager, Kitty agrees & gets the game underway. Kitty answers the various "truth" questions & performs the assorted "dare" tasks, but after a few minutes begins to...

Tags: Doll Fetish Fembot Humor Robot
Kitty And Scarlett The Hangering Part 2
Kitty Quinn , Scarlett Venom
Available to Members Now

Kitty has just finished gobbling up her roommate Nyxon, but she's still famished. And with her belly expanded from eating her, she now requires even more food to fill it up. So, she places an order with Shipt & patiently waits for it to arrive. Some time passes & her Shipt shopper Scarlett shows up &...

Tags: Body Inflation Expansion Humor Vore
VORE Kitty Quinn The Hangering
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Kitty just placed a food order on Shipt not too long ago, and already all of the snacks are gone. She's really hangry & jonesing for a snack, and she just knows that her greedy roommate Nyxon ate everything. While Kitty is writing around on the bed in hanger, Nyxon walks in to check on her & is confronted...

Tags: Belly Inflation Body Inflation Implied Eating POV Eating
ENF Kitty Quinn Snooty Fashion Vloggers Humiliating Live Feed
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
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Snooty fashion vlogger Kitty Quinn has asked her bestie to be a guest on her show, but not because she has great fashion sense. Kitty has asked Nyxon to be on her show so that she could do a live public humiliation to boost her ratings & get more followers. When Nyxon steps in front of the camera, Kitty...

Tags: Embarrassed Naked Female Embarrassment Humiliation Imposed Stripping
PANTYHOSE DOMINATION Nyxon Mandy And Kitty Making The Brat Smell Our Stinky Pantyhose
Kitty Quinn , Mandy Wolf
Available to Members Now

Nyxon & Kitty are gossiping about Nyxon's new bratty stepdaughter when Nyxon has a humiliating idea. She proposes that they call Mandy into the living room & make her smell their feet through their stinky pantyhose. Kitty giggles at this idea & Nyxon calls Mandy into the room. Of course Mandy refuses...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Smelling Humiliation Pantyhose
FREEZE Nyxon And Kitty Frozen Finders Keepers
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
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Kitty Quinn stumbled across a very unique ring while she was out for her walk, and she can't stop admiring it. While she's staring her new find in all of its sparkly glory, a strange sound happens & Kitty is frozen stiff. Some time goes by & Kitty's roommate Nyxon comes home & is surprised to find her...

Tags: Doll Doll Fetish Freeze Transformation
STUCK Nyxon And Kitty Quinn Stuck In A Venomous Situation
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
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Scientist Kitty Quinn has been working on a top secret project for the US government & has just mutated some spider venom into a powerfully sticky substance. She carefully carries a bottle of the stuff into her lounge, but loses her balance spilling the super sticky venom all over the floor. She reaches...

Tags: Full Fashioned Stockings Garter & Stockings Humor Struggling
VORE Nyxon And Kitty Quinn Burglars Foiled By Vindictive Plant
Kitty Quinn , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

*this is a custom clip Burglars Nyxon & Kitty sneak into a house to steal money & jewellery, and Nyxon decides that they should split up. Nyxon head to the kitchen & the living room, while Kitty checks out the bathroom & bedroom. Nyxon first goes into the kitchen & notices an unpleasant smell & starts...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Denim Fetish Humor Jeans Fetish