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Karly Salinas Updates

VORE Nyxon And Karly Helping Out With A Tiny Problem
Karly Salinas , Nyxon
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Karly is relaxing in her living room when she notices a few tinies hiding in the corner. "Not again", she says as she scoops one of them up to get a closer look. This time, she's going to get rid of them for good. She sticks out her long tongue & licks the tiny from top to bottom relishing his flavor....

Tags: Bloated Belly Body Inflation Expansion Giantess
FEMALE TRAINING Karly Salinas Influencer Controlled And Transformed Into Mindless Slave
Karly Salinas
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Popular influencer Karly Salinas has just received a pair of strange glasses in the mail & she can't seem to find anything about them online. She places them on to take a few selfies when suddenly her mind is taken over & she begins to receive commands from Master. Now in a zombie like state, Karly stands...

Tags: Female Training Mesmerize Slave Training Transformation
VORE Karly Salinas Tricked Into Being A Treat
Karly Salinas
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Dressed as Alice In Wonderland, Karly Salinas arrives at a Halloween party, but there are no other party guests. She looks around for a bit until she notices a strange monster laying on the floor. She bends down to ask him if he knows where the other party guests are, and he grabs her hand & pulls it...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Cosplay Eating Vore
FREEZE Karly Salinas Frozen Stiff By Bratty Stepdaughter
Karly Salinas
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Karly's stepdaughter (POV) is ready to head out for the evening, but when Karly sees her slutty outfit, she tells her to get right back in her room & change. The POV refuses & Karly threatens to punish her. Not wanting to deal with her overbearing stepmother, the POV snaps her fingers making Karly stiff...

Tags: Doll Fetish Freeze POV
Karly Salinas Frozen Stiff By Bratty Stepdaughter
FOOT TICKLING Karly And Slyyy Thieves Foot Tickled Into Giving Up Their Loot
Karly Salinas , Slyyy
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*this is a custom clip Slyyy & Karly have just pulled off a big heist & are deciding on what to do with their loot, when suddenly the lights go out. The next scene opens up with both Karly & Slyyy blindfolded & tied upon the couch. Nyxon had been scoping out the place that they looted & is furious...

Tags: Blindfolds Bondage Foot Fetish Foot Tickling
Karly And Slyyy Thieves Foot Tickled Into Giving Up Their Loot
STUCK Karly Salinas Stuck In Her Jeans
Karly Salinas
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Karly Salinas has been out at brunch all day, and can't wait to come home & peel off her tight jeans. She runs into her living room as she's trying to unbutton them, but can't seem to get the button back through the buttonhole. Frustrated, she finally pushes it through only to find the zipper stuck....

Tags: Ass Fetish Jeans Fetish Struggling Stuck
Karly Salinas Stuck In Her Jeans
FREEZE Nyxon & Karly Silly Doll Inc
Karly Salinas , Nyxon
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*this is a custom clip Janie, played by Karly Salinas, is the host of a YouTube channel presenting strange phenomenons around the country. She wasn't really into the subject matter since she was much more interested in her career & her own arrogant self. But, she would do anything to generate clicks...

Tags: Doll Fetish Freeze Transformation
Nyxon And Karly Silly Doll Inc