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Jasper Reed Updates

FEMALE TRAINING Jasper Reed Reprogrammed For The Job
Jasper Reed
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*this is a custom clip Jasper enters the room dressed for a job interview. She's nervous, but excited as she talks to the hiring manager (silent POV) about the roles & assures them that she can be flexible & learn quickly. The last part of the interview is a little strange. She's asked to test the...

Tags: Female Training Foot Fetish Mental Domination Mesmerize
GIANTESS Jasper Reed Dancing With Myself
Jasper Reed
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Jasper Reed has been out all night dancing, and when she gets back home she wants to keep the party going. Unbeknownst to her, however, a tiny stowaway has come home with her. He crawls out of her handbag, jumps off of the couch & runs across the floor. He climbs up the record player stand, and falls...

Tags: Crush Foot Fetish Giantess POV Giantess
VAMPIRE Nyxon And Jasper Draining The Maid
Jasper Reed , Nyxon
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Insatiably hungry Nyxferatu has had a hard time keeping a maid in her employ. Every time she finds one that seems like they're going to work out, she loses all sense of self-control & eats them. The scene opens up with her latest maid, Jasper, busy cleaning up the living room. Nyxferatu quietly slips...

Tags: Big Tits Erotic Magic Lesbian Mesmerize
FREEZE Jasper Reed Username Mannequin GF
Jasper Reed
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Camgirl Jasper Reed is just starting her nightly camshow, when someone with the username MannequiGF enters her chat room. Intrigued by his creative name, Jasper chats him up until he asks her to go private with cam to cam. Sensing she's about to have a lot of fun, Jasper goes into private chat with him...

Tags: Erotic Magic Freeze Magic Control Mental Domination
MESMERIZE Jasper Reed Office Snob Mesmerized At Office Party
Jasper Reed , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

Snobby Jasper loves giving Nyxon a hard time at work, so when the office party rolls around, Nyxon devises a way to even. She tells the employees that she's been taking classes to be a Mesmer & she'd like to do a little demo on a volunteer. Jasper rolls her eyes & raises her hand, telling everyone that...

Tags: Embarrassed Naked Female Embarrassment Entranced Female Training
GENDER TRANSFORMATION Jasper Reed Twitch Gamer Glitch Masturbation Broadcast
Jasper Reed
Available to Members Now

Gamer Girl Jasper Reed is in the middle of a Twitch gaming livestream when one of the guys watching her starts making fun of her & giving her some grief. In true smart ass fashion, Jasper gives him a rude retort, then complains of a strange sound coming through her headphones hurting her ears. Her eyes...

Tags: Embarrassed Naked Female Embarrassment Gender Transformation Humiliation
FREEZE Nyxon And Jasper Duped By A Scam
Jasper Reed , Nyxon
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There's been a scam email going around targeting popular social media influencers, and Jasper Reed has received one offering her some free custom made bras. She looks down at her flat chest & wonders what could it hurt? She responds to the email setting up a date & time for her fitting, which takes place...

Tags: Erotic Magic Freeze Magic Control Redhead
FREEZE Nyxon And Jasper Unaware Gamer Frozen And Diapered
Jasper Reed , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

*this is a custom clip Jasper Reed is playing a dance video game & has reached the final level. She pauses the game to take a restroom break, then goes off screen. She returns a moment later & is about to resume the game when she is frozen by Nyxon. Her shorts are removed along with her underwear,...

Tags: Diaper Doll Fetish Erotic Magic Freeze