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Jasper Reed Updates

FOOT TICKLING Nyxon And Jasper Foot Tickled By The Merc
Jasper Reed , Nyxon
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*this is a custom clip Nyxon is a top-dime merc on the phone with her fixer summarizing the details of her next job. Her target is journalist Jasper Reed, who has an unknown source within the client's organization they believe she'll meet up with soon, as she's promised to publish a massive expose...

Tags: Blindfolds Foot Tickling Foot Worship Masturbation
BREAST EXPANSION Jasper Reed Are You There God Its Me Jasper
Jasper Reed , Nyxon
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Jasper has just come home fro seeing the new movie Are You There God? It's Me Margaret, & she glances down at her non-existent tits. She sighs, thinking of the scene in the movie & has a silly thought. No, it's just a movie, that totally wouldn't work. Jasper takes a quick look around the room & decides...

Tags: Big Tits Bimbofication Body Inflation Breast Expansion
HANDCUFFS Nyxon And Jasper Reed PI Bags A Hit Woman
Jasper Reed , Nyxon
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*this is a custom clip Jasper tells the camera that while she is a hit woman, she always gives the target a chance to make a deal. Jasper sits down with Nyxon & offers her a substantial sum for her incriminating evidence. Nyxon declines. Jasper adds a threat & repeats the offer. After Nyxon declines...

Tags: Bondage Handcuffs Humor Struggling
LAUGHING GAS Jasper Reed The Magical Laughing Potion
Jasper Reed
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Jasper Reed has been searching for the perfect pick-me-up lately & she thinks she's found it when she sees an ad for a magical laughing potion. The potion arrives & she unpacks the ingredients from the box. Not finding any directions, Jasper begins haphazardly pouring the ingredients into her cauldron....

Tags: Barefoot Erotic Magic Foot Fetish Humor
FREEZE Jasper Reed Strange Side Effects
Jasper Reed , Nyxon
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Jasper is at the doc's office waiting to get her booster shot. After she gets it, she begins to feel some strange side effects. She stands up to go home, but her legs feel heavy & stiff & she can't move her feet. The weird sensation moves slowly up Jasper's body until she's completely frozen from head...

Tags: Doll Fetish Erotic Magic Freeze Magic Control
MESMERIZE Jasper Dacey And Lola Mesmerized Foot Slavery
Dacey Harlot , Jasper Reed
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*this is a custom clip Jasper has her first date with someone she only knows over Skype, and both are sitting on the couch. After some chit chat, he (POV) suddenly shows her his laptop with a strange spiral on the screen. Her eyes change, and she stares mindlessly at the screen repeating some mantras...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Mental Domination Mesmerize
GENDER TRANSFORMATION Jasper Dacey And Lola Ghost Invasion
Dacey Harlot , Jasper Reed
Available to Members Now

*this is a custom clip Jasper, Dacey & Lola have broken into a house that's supposedly haunted & decide to have a look around. Unfortunately for them, three mischievous ghosts (Flex, Smelly & Lardo) have decided to have a little fun with them. Flex flies in front of Dacey, then flies into her mouth...

Tags: Gender Transformation Magic Control Transformation
Jasper Dacey And Lola Ghost Invasion
CUNT BUSTING Maya Farrell & Jasper Reed A Friendly Little Cunt Bust
Jasper Reed , Maya Farrell
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*this is a custom clip The clips starts out with Maya doing some stretches in her living room, when Jasper sneaks up behind her & punches her between her legs. Maya lets out a scream, and falls to her knees in pain. Jasper starts trash talking Maya, when suddenly Maya reaches up & grabs Jasper by...

Tags: Cat Fight Cunt Busting Female Fighting Kicking
Maya Farrell And Jasper Reed A Friendly Little Cunt Bust