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Jacquelyn Velvets Updates

FEMDOM Nyxon Jacquelyn And Jason For Old Times Sake
Jacquelyn Velvets , Jason Ninja
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*this is a custom clip Back in the college days, Nyxon & Jacquelyn were very well known in the fetish scene for their intense tickle torture double sessions. They just LOVED tickling a man until he just couldn't take anymore. Well, they both graduated from college & got jobs in the corporate world...

Tags: Female Domination Female Tickling Male Foot Tickling Laughing
VORE Jacquelyn Velvets The Monster Under The Bed
Jacquelyn Velvets
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Jacquelyn is all set for a nice relaxing evening, when she suddenly hears a strange noise. Concerned & a little scared, she begins to see where the noise came from when she hears it again. Suddenly, a vine crawls up from under the bed & wraps itself around her ankle. Jacquelyn screams, and another vine...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Humor Struggling Stuck
CUNT BUSTING Nyxon And Jacquelyn Orange Is The New Black And Blue
Jacquelyn Velvets , Nyxon
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Inmate Velvets is stretching & utilizing her gym privileges, when inmate Nyxon walks in & starts taking up her space. Velvets isn't having any of it, and tells Nyxon to get out of her space. Nyxon ignores her & keeps stretching & prepping for her workout. Velvets gives a final warning, then blasts Nyxon...

Tags: Cat Fight Cunt Busting Female Fighting Kicking
VORE Jacquelyn Velvets A Dommes Final Sacrifice
Jacquelyn Velvets
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After a long day of flogging slaves, Jacquelyn walks into a room in her Dungeon to find her most loyal slave, Chompy. She walks around him, staring at him lovingly when she makes her decision. Tonight is the night Jacquelyn will make her final sacrifice & give herself wholly to her faithful slave. She...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Ass Fetish Humor Vore
VAMPIRE Nyxon And Jacquelyn Missionary Vampires
Jacquelyn Velvets , Nyxon
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Nyxon- Hello! Do you have a minute to talk about Dracula? Jacquelyn- No- wait, Dracula? Nyxon- Yes! Jacquelyn- You're a vampire? Nyxon- Yes... I have pamphlets! Jacquelyn- Vampires have missionaries? Nyxon- Where else would new vampires come from? Jacquelyn- I assumed you bit people....

Tags: Lesbian Mesmerize Transformation Vampire
FREEZE Jacquelyn Velvets Business Freeze
Jacquelyn Velvets , Nyxon
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*this is a custom clip Nyxon has been happily freezing girls for her wax museum, and her statues were the best because they seemed to be so real & lifelike. But, business has dried up a bit in the last few month, so she had taken a loan from some shady corporation to keep things going. The corporation...

Tags: Doll Fetish Erotic Magic Freeze Magic Control