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Amethyst Mars Updates

SHOE PLAY Nyxon And Amethyst High Heel Shoe Play And Dangling
Amethyst Mars , Nyxon
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Nyxon is wearing black full fashioned stockings & hot pink high heels, and Amethyst is wearing sheer footed nylons & shiny black high heels. How many times will they each drop their heels while they precariously dangle them on their toes?

Tags: Dangling Foot Fetish Full Fashioned Stockings Shoe Dangling
STUCK Nyxon And Amethyst Mars Stuck And Struggling In The Dishwasher
Amethyst Mars , Nyxon
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Amethyst Mars reaches into the back of the dishwasher to grab something when her bracelet gets caught. She tries to pull her arm out, but seems to be stuck. Not able to get over how ridiculous this is, Amethyst gets low to the ground for leverage & pulls as hard as she can, but to no avail. She struggles...

Tags: Ass Fetish Barefoot Damsel In Distress Foot Fetish
VORE Amethyst Mars Arachnid Experiment Backfire
Amethyst Mars
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Mad scientist Amethyst Mars has smuggled some spiders from the Amazon in order to extract their special venom to create a top secret elixir. While Amethyst is reveling in her spider fortune, one of them whispers to her that the matriarch is coming. "From the Amazon?", Amethyst exclaims. She turns her...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Bondage Full Fashioned Stockings Humor
SHRINKING Nyxon And Amethyst Mars A Special Kind Of Threesome
Amethyst Mars , Nyxon
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Amethyst Mars was out on a blind date (POV) when he casually mentioned that he was interested in a threesome with her & her roommate Nyxon. No stranger to inappropriately pervy men, Nyxon & Amethyst had a special protocol in place in then event that something like this happened. So, Amethyst takes him...

Tags: Foot Fetish Giantess Mouth Fetish POV Giantess
HANDCUFFS Amethyst Mars Arrested And Handcuffed In White Heels
Amethyst Mars , Nyxon
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*this is a custom clip Amethyst has broken into her ex's home to collect some belongings. She knows he's on vacation, and she still has a key. As she's looking around for a ring she's left behind, she gets on her knees to look under the couch. While she's doing this, Officer Nyxon walks up & orders...

Tags: Arrested Handcuffs High Heels Jeans Fetish
MESMERIZE Amethyst Mars Programmed To Sniff Feet For Master
Amethyst Mars
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Amethyst Mars is sitting on her couch when her phone suddenly rings. She picks it up to hear some strange music that instantly puts her into a trance. "Yes Master", she says as she gets up & begins walking around the room while repeating mantras. Master gives her commands to remove her heels & nylons,...

Tags: Female Training Foot Fetish Foot Smelling Mesmerize
HOM Amethyst Mars HOM Game With Slave
Amethyst Mars
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Just a tender game of hand over mouth between Amethyst & her slave.

Tags: Femdom POV Glove Fetish Hand Fetish Hand Over Mouth
HANDCUFFS Amethyst Mars Hogcuffed In Jeans
Amethyst Mars , Nyxon
Available to Members Now

*this is a custom clip Fake officer Nyxon enters Amethyst's home & tells her that she has a warrant for her arrest. Amethyst stands up & Nyxon turns her around & places chained cuffs on Amethyst's wrists. Amethyst complains that the cuffs are too tight & that she's never been arrested before. Nyxon...

Tags: Bondage Handcuffs High Heels Jeans Fetish