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February 2023
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Nyxon Jewel Thief Double Crossed By Monster Laying In Wait

International jewel thief Nyxon has just returned from her biggest heist yet, and as she dumps the jewels out onto the couch to revel in her finest accomplishment, she spies a strange monster on her floor. Curious, she reaches down to touch his body & is even further intrigued. She goes around to the front where his big mouth is, and reaches down to pet him when suddenly his big sharp teeth grab her hand & begins to pull her into his huge mouth. Nyxon tries fighting him off by reasoning with him & then by kicking & screaming, but it's just no use. The big bad strange monster swallows her whole leaving no trace of her behind.
Nyxon Jewel Thief Double Crossed By Monster Laying In Wait

Thursday February 2
Nyxons Finishing School For Boys

Coming 02/02/2023

*this is a custom clip "Here at Nyxon's Finishing School For Boys, we've been helping young men become women for 10 years. Not everyone knows what they will develop into, so we help young men become the women they yearn to be. Your parents have enrolled you in a four year program. No, no it's no mistake. Your stepmother has told me everything. You've been stealing her pantyhose, wearing her lingerie, her dresses, and even prancing around in her high heels. Oh, and that's not the worst part, either. They also showed me the gay porn on your laptop. You used your stepmother's credit card to purchase a membership to www.urasissyfaggot.com, so we logged in & found your membership ID with your female persona." "Are you trying to leave? Haha, there's nowhere to go! We're in the middle of nowhere & your parents won't have you back. This academy will show you hot to act like & mimic women. You'll learn how to dress like a woman, talk like a woman, and yes... have sex like a woman. You're not gay, you say? Oh no, on your bio link at www.urasissyfaggot.com, it says you love sucking dirty dicks, eating men's assholes & swallowing their real thick loads. Sounds like you're a sissy faggot alright, lol." "What? It's just a phase? No, I'm not buying that, sorry. Go ahead & strip for me, and I'm going to have you put on a few items. If you don't get turned on by them, you're a straight male. Here's a bra & panty set for you to put on. Hmmm... nothing yet. Here, try these glossy pantyhose. I know these drive you wild. Oh, look at that! You're erection stood right up when you put those on! Haha, what kind of man would ever get turned on by wearing pantyhose? Real men don't wear pantyhose, do they faggot? Now, I want you to repeat, "I am a sissy faggot" 3 times. Good. Now, what's a sissy without her high heels? Here, put these on." "Now, repeat your sissy faggot mantra while you rub your fagstick with your limp sissy hand. When you cum, I want you to look at my legs in these pantyhose. Good boy! What? You're feeling full of shame now? Sorry, I can't send you back to your parents'. Not after your pathetic display. Haha, here's a secret... urasissyfaggot.com is how men secretly enroll in this school! You signed your life away long ago!
Nyxons Finishing School For Boys

Friday February 3
Valerie Hex And Josie Jo Tricked By Dr Mesmer

Coming 02/03/2023

*this is a custom clip Josie aka Catgirl is the sidekick of her superheroine friend Valerie aka Catwoman, and gets some intel about the hideout of the infamous Dr Mesmer, a criminal who uses mind control techniques. Sosmetimes, Josie hates to be the sidekick & goes on a mission on her own, so she puts on the catsuit & searches for his hideout. Of course everything is a trap & when Josie opens up an old laptop that she finds, she is quickly induced by a strange spiral on the screen. As she sits there with an emotionless expression on her face, Dr Mesmer's assistant Nyxon arrives & is delighted that the trap has worked. She sees that Josie's eyes have already changed into spirals & have begun to reprogram her brain. Josie repeats, "I am mindless" "Dr Mesmer Is My master" "I must obey my master" Josie then gets an order to call her friend Catwoman & after Valerie arrives, she gets ambushed by Josie. Confused as to why her friend would behave this way, Valerie is karate chopped by Nyxon (POV). In the next scene, Valerie is bound to a chair & Nyxon tells her that she will get the same treatment as Josie. She instructs Josie to show Valerie the laptop & Josie obliges. Valerie's eyes change into spirals & she begins her reprogramming. Josie is ordered to loosen Valerie's ropes & to worship Valerie's feet. Once that is complete, the girls switch places & Valerie worships Josie's feet. They both receive an order to sit on the couch & rub lotion on their feet & to give Dr Mesmer a footjob (POV implied). At the end of the clip, both ladies are sitting on the couch with their cum soaked soles facing the camera.
Valerie Hex And Josie Jo Tricked By Dr Mesmer

Saturday February 4
Dacey And Misty Humiliating Pranks For The Hottie Housebreakers

Coming 02/04/2023

*this is a custom clip Dacey & Misty are two very famous & arrogant thieves who love stealing from people's houses. They open the door to their latest heist, and immediately find their boots stuck to the floor of the entryway. The pulls & struggle trying to get free, but eventually give up & remove their boots, deciding that it was best to continue barefoot. Dacey takes a few more steps, and instantly steps on a nail. She howls in pain & sits down on a stool to rub her poor feet. Misty laughs at her calling her a clumsy bitch, but then suddenly the floor beneath her begins to burn her feet. She jumps back in forth trying to find relief, when suddenly a slew of ants falls from the ceiling & onto Dacey. She jumps up itching & scratching at her clothes, then frantically removes them leaving her completely naked. Misty is just about finished soothing her feet, when itching powder falls onto her. Like Dacey, she itches & scratches before removing all of her clothes. They continue on & end up in the kitchen. Dacey finds a jar, and thinking that that's where the money is, she opens it. Unfortunately for them, a swarm of bees flies out & begins to attack them biting their pussies & asses. They swat at the pests, and eve try to hide in the kitchen cabinets until be bees fly away. Dacey gets up & takes a few steps, and steps into a pile of mousetraps. She screams out in pain & sits down on a chair to remove the traps. Once the traps are removed, and electric current moves through the chair causing Dacey to become very animated. Just as she jumps up, Misty takes a step & steps on a lego. She jumps up & down in pain falling back onto the chair. Soon her ass is singed from the hotplate on the chair & she jumps back up. She turns on the sink splashing cold water on her ass, but the waterlines have been messed with & only boiling water comes out. While Misty is rubbing her sore ass, a heavy object falls onto Dacey's toe & she jumps up landing on the stove. She rubs her poor feet for a bit, then Misty says that she smells something burning. Dacey realizes that the stove is turned on & tries to get off of the stove, but she's stuck. Misty tried to help pull her off, but the heat has melted some glue & poor Dacey seems to be glued to the top of the stove. Misty finally manages to pull Dacey from the stove, & Dacey spies some burn cream. She spreads the cream liberally onto her butt, but unfortunately for her, it's not burn cream but acid. Misty sits back down to get some relief, but the hotplate once again burns her ass. She jumps up & runs into the living room & sees a bucket with cold water in it. She sits down to soothe her ass, but it wasn't water in the bucket. It was a combustible. Misty screams out & Dacey runs into the room. She pulls Misty out of the bucket, and sits down onto the couch only to sit on a bunch of tacks. She jumps up & pulls the tacks out of her ass, when a pup runs up to them growling. Both girls try to calm the pup down, but he bites them each several times on their ass & feet before running away. Suddenly, they both hear sirens & the house begins to fill up with new reporters. Apparently, there were hidden cameras in the house live streaming their entire ordeal & now the police are on their way to escort the two humiliated thieves to jail.
Dacey And Misty Humiliating Pranks For The Hottie Housebreakers

Sunday February 5
Monday February 6
Nyxon A Bowl Full Of Shrunken Men

Coming 02/06/2023

*this is a custom clip Nyxon is just sitting down to enjoy a bowl of cereal, but in between bites she's distracted by her phone. She brings the spoon to her mouth, opens really wide giving you a good show & then shoves the spoon into her mouth swallowing what was on there. About halfway through, Nyxon hears something as she raises the spoon to her mouth & pulls it out. She looks down into her food & realizes that there are a few tiny people stuck in her cereal. At first she's shocked, but then she's reminded that her friends Whitney & Kitty have also had experiences with tiny people. Nyxon's shock turns to curiosity, then to pleasure as she continues to eat with the full knowledge that she's swallowing these tiny people whole. She brings the final spoonful up to her mouth & decides to do a little interrogation & asks the tinies where they came from. They go on to tell her that Whitney has a special shrinking ray & that her & Kitty have been on a shrinking spree. She's intrigued, but shoves the last bite into her mouth swallowing the last of the tinies.
Nyxon A Bowl Full Of Shrunken Men

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