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September 2023
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Friday September 1
MAGIC CONTROL Nyxon And Sydney Screams Masturbation Humiliation

Nyxon is scrolling through Twitter when she comes across Sydney Screams' profile & decides to check her out. She notices that Sydney has just tweeted that she's live on cam, so Nyxon follows the link & peeks in on her free chat room. She watches as Sydney talks down to her viewers & demands that they send her token tributes, and decides to have a little fun with her. She types in a link for Sydney to follow, telling her that a big tribute was waiting for her. Greedily, Sydney clicks on the link, but instead of finding her tribute, she's immediately put into a trance. Now that Nyxon has control of Sydney's mind, the real fun can begin. Nyxon commands Sydney to take off her dress, and show off her ass. Obediently, Sydney removes her clothes, turns around so her ass faces the camera, and shakes her butt for her viewers. Next, Nyxon tells Sydney to get completely nude & to play with her tits. Once Sydney does as she's told, Nyxon is ready for the grand finale. She instructs Sydney to rub her pussy & masturbate until she cums. Sydney leans back, spreads her legs & begins rubbing her pussy. Just as she orgasms, Sydney snaps out of her trance. Mortified, Sydney scrambles to cover herself & slams her laptop closed.
MAGIC CONTROL Nyxon And Sydney Screams Masturbation Humiliation

Saturday September 2
HANDCUFFS Nyxon And Lola It Pays To Hire A Private Detective

*this is a custom clip Embezzler Lola has been caught speeding & driving recklessly, but she has successfully hidden the loot. PI Nyxon has been hired to find the stolen funds. The scene starts out with Nyxon sitting at the courthouse with her hands handcuffed in front. Lola comes in, also handcuffed in front, and sits down next to Nyxon. Lola is sad because she was sentenced to county lock-up for 3 months. Nyxon explains life in prison- gym protocol, cockroach races & the so-called dining facility. Lola gets upset & Nyxon explains the advantages of a "prison girlfriend" who will protect someone from danger. Lola is interested, but has no way to pay Nyxon. Eventually, Lola offers to split her loot with Nyxon & gives up the location. Nyxon identifies herself & produces a phone which has been recording the conversation. Lola is furious. Nyxon telephones her client to report her success. Nyxon has Lola rattle her handcuffs & then it's time for selfies for her website. Lola holds up her handcuffs & waves at the camera, then Nyxon hauls her off.
HANDCUFFS Nyxon And Lola It Pays To Hire A Private Detective

Sunday September 3
Monday September 4
VORE Nyxon And Macy Nikole Exotic Plant Gets Revenge On Thieving Scientists

Renowned scientist Nyxon has just returned fro, an expedition deep in the Amazon, and she's showing her assistant Macy a special serum that she extracted from a very rare plant. While she's holding up the bottle so Macy can get a better look, the bottle becomes immediately hot causing Nyxon to drop it onto the floor. The bottle shatters leaving sticky residue on the floor. Both Nyxon & Macy's feet become stuck to the floor & they both lose their balance trying to free themselves. As they're laying on the floor trying to free themselves, some mysterious vines crawl across the floor wrapping themselves tightly around both Nyxon & Macy. They struggle for a few minutes trying to free themselves, but the plants are just too strong & pull Macy & Nyxon away.
VORE Nyxon And Macy Nikole Exotic Plant Gets Revenge On Thieving Scientists

Tuesday September 5
Wednesday September 6
Thursday September 7
FEMDOM Nyxon And Jordan Tyler Nylon Punishment For An Office Slob

Jordan can't be bothered to out himself together before he comes into work, and his boss Nyxon has absolutely had it. Today, he couldn't even be bothered to put on shoes before coming to the office! Ready to dole out the punishment, Nyxon calls Jordan into her office. He sits down, and Nyxon wastes no time on telling him how absolutely disgusted she is with him. Jordan tries to spout off some flimsy excuses, but Nyxon doesn't want to hear it. It's time to get down to the nitty gritty. Nyxon lifts up her legs & places her high heels in his face. She kicks them off, grabs him by the tie, and places her stockinged feet in his face, and eventually into his mouth. Jordan tries to protest, but Nyxon just keeps on going. She rubs her spit covered feet all over his face & even shoves both of them into his mouth. Once she feels that he's had enough, she tells him to go & get his act together before coming back to work. If he continues to not take the job seriously, the punishment will be much worse next time.
FEMDOM Nyxon And Jordan Tyler Nylon Punishment For An Office Slob

FREEZE Nyxon And Jae Lynn Freezing And Transforming The Office Slut

Nyxon has had enough of Jae Lynn, the office slut, goofing off around the office & not following the dress code. And, when she overhears her sweet talking the boss into letting her leave early & have 2 extra vacation days next week, Nyxon decides to take matters into her own hands, once & for all. She enters the employee lounge, and sits down next to Jae Lynn. She makes some comments about what Jae Lynn has chosen to wear that day, but Jae Lynn just flips her hair & blows Nyxon off. Ready to put her plan into action, Nyxon snaps her fingers in Jae Lynn's face, freezing her instantly. Nyxon wastes no time in standing Jae Lynn up & moving her limbs around. She strips her of her slutty, inappropriate clothing, and then dresses her in something more appropriate for the office. Full back panties, longer skirt & a conservative white blouse. She even places a pair of glasses on Jae Lynn's face as an extra touch. Now that Jae Lynn is looking more acceptable for the office, Nyxon sits her back down on the couch, and snaps her fingers once more. Instantly, Jae Lynn unfreezes & goes right back to work, completely unaware of what just happened.
FREEZE Nyxon And Jae Lynn Freezing And Transforming The Office Slut

Friday September 8
FOOT TICKLING Nyxon And Paris Foot Tickling Art Film Debut

*this is a custom clip Paris Love is trying to raise money for a local charity, and when she knocks on eccentric millionaire Nyxon's door, she makes Paris an offer to help her meet her goal by being in an art film. She yanks Paris inside & the next scene opens up with a closeup on Paris' feet. Nyxon instructs Paris to walk towards her & then tells her to sit on the couch. We see that Paris' upper body is bound & there is a cleave gag in her mouth. Nyxon then instructs Paris to use her own feet to remove her sneakers, the Nyxon reaches out & peels off Paris' socks. She tells paris to curl her toes & show off her wrinkly soles. Frustrated that Paris is half-hearted & not putting enough passion into this art film, Nyxon reaches out her hands & uses her long nails to tickle Paris' big feet. Paris erupts in a fit of laughter & Nyxon is immediately pleased. She continues to tickle Paris' big feet until she's satisfied that she got a winning performance for her movie, then tells Paris that she'll double her goal if she continues to come back & create art films for her.
FOOT TICKLING Nyxon And Paris Foot Tickling Art Film Debut

Saturday September 9
LAUGHING Jasper Reed Giggles And Relaxation

After a long day of running errands, it's time for Jasper Reed to relax & have a little alone time. She crawls onto the bed with her canister of laughing & puts the mask up to her face. She inhales a little bit of the sweet gas & immediately erupts into a fit of laughter. She takes a few more hits & falls back onto the bed laughing. She removes her high top sneakers & flings her socks across the room, kicking her bare feet in the air as she giggles. She takes a few more breathes of the gas & soon is rolling around on the bed in her bra & panties.
LAUGHING Jasper Reed Giggles And Relaxation

Sunday September 10
Monday September 11
VORE Nyxon And Karly Helping Out With A Tiny Problem

Karly is relaxing in her living room when she notices a few tinies hiding in the corner. "Not again", she says as she scoops one of them up to get a closer look. This time, she's going to get rid of them for good. She sticks out her long tongue & licks the tiny from top to bottom relishing his flavor. She opens her mouth nice & wide, the swallows him. She feels him slide all the way down her throat & into her belly, then swoops down with her hand to pick up another one. After swallowing about 4 or 5, Karly realizes that she can't do this alone, so she calls her friend Nyxon to come over & help. When Nyxon arrives, she can't wait to get as many tinies into her belly as she can. She grabs a few, gives 'em a lick, then down the hatch! Nyxon & Karly continue to eat the tinies until their bellies are bloated & they're each too full to fit any more men in their tummies. They talk about how weird it feels having the tiny men move around inside of them, and how much they hope that they will be digested soon. Just as their both getting ready to take a nap, Karly notices two more tinies lurking in the corner. She scoops them up puts them into a tiny cage so that her & Nyxon can enjoy snacking on them later.
VORE Nyxon And Karly Helping Out With A Tiny Problem

Tuesday September 12
Wednesday September 13
FREEZE Nyxon Skye And Misty A Night In The Creepy Wax Museum

*this is a custom clip Misty & Skye have been traveling the country doing different modeling gigs, and unfortunately they're GPS has gotten them lost. They pull over at a run down motel, and decide to stay the night. As they walk into the lobby, they girls notice a creepy looking wax museum next to the motel. As the motel owner Nyxon is checking the girls in, Misty asks her if she's affiliated with the wax museum. Nyxon tells her that she herself owns the motel, and her stepfather owns the wax museum. She continues to tell them that while they're there, they should make some time to check it out. Misty tells her that they've been driving all day, and they would just like to lay down for the night, but perhaps they'll check it out in the morning before they leave. Suddenly, Misty remembers that they ran out of toothpaste, and asks Nyxon if she has any they could use. Nyxon tells her that she'll bring some right up to their room. About an hour passes, and the scene opens with Nyxon on the phone with her stepfather. She assures her stepdad that she has indeed taken care of the cute girls, and that they will make excellent additions to the wax museum. Nyxon hangs up the phone & walks over to a screen. She gently pulls it back, revealing both Misty & Skye frozen with their toothbrushes hanging out of their mouths. Nyxon pats their cheeks & lightly knocks on their heads, but the girls don't move a muscle. One at a time, Nyxon lifts each girl & drags them to the center of the room. Once there, she poses them in silly positions & tells them that it's time for their photo shoot. Nyxon takes a few photos of them in different ridiculous poses, and even manipulates their facial expressions to look equally as silly. When the photo shoot is over, Nyxon sits each one down onto the couch, and places a coffee mug in their hands.
FREEZE Nyxon Skye And Misty A Night In The Creepy Wax Museum

Thursday September 14
FEMDOM Nyxon And Donny Hart Ransom Fiasco

Nyxon has Donny Hart in her living room in hopes of getting a big ransom for him from his parents, but when she makes the call & gets their voicemail, she knows that she has to turn to more drastic measures. She grabs some rope & quickly ties him up placing him in a tight hogtie. She shoves a red ballgag in his mouth, then leaves him on the floor to struggle while she goes to figure out her next move.
FEMDOM Nyxon And Donny Hart Ransom Fiasco

Friday September 15
PANTYHOSE SNIFFING Nyxon And Mandy Break Curfew Sniff Nylons

Mandy thought she was being slick sneaking back into her house after breaking curfew, but when she walks into the living room, she sees her stepmom Nyxon sitting there waiting for her. Mandy comes up with some flimsy excuse as to why she was out so late, but Nyxon doesn't want to hear it. She tells Mandy to assume the position for punishment & Mandy does as she's told. Nyxon makes Mandy smell her putrid smelly pantyhose until she's confident that she's been thoroughly punished. Nyxon then removes her pantyhose & stuffs them into Mandy's mouth so that she can both taste & smell her stench.
PANTYHOSE SNIFFING Nyxon And Mandy Break Curfew Sniff Nylons

Saturday September 16
HOM Nyxon And Shae Celestine Resting Witch Face

While away at witch boarding school, Nyxon has sneaked into the teacher's lounge & stolen a bottle of Eternal Rest Elixir. She shows it to her fellow witch friend Shae Celestine, and the two decide to have a bit of consensual resting fun.
HOM Nyxon And Shae Celestine Resting Witch Face

Sunday September 17
Monday September 18
GENDER TRANSFORMATION Jasper Reed Jilted Tinder Date Gets Possession Revenge

Jasper Reed has just arrived home after a disastrous Tinder date & she's on the phone with her bestie telling her all about it. While she's giving her friend the rundown, another call comes through & it's her date! Curious, Jasper puts her friend on hold to see what the loser wants. She begins to tell him off when there's a red glow & a weird sound that comes through the phone. Jasper gasps, her eyes roll into the back of her head & suddenly a man's voice come out of her mouth. Dude, it worked! Excited that he was able to project himself into her body, he quickly begins exploring every inch. He lifts up her dress, commenting about her garter belt & stockings. He removes her heels & peels of the dress, then pulls her panties aside to get a good look at her pussy. Still miffed that this stuck up prude didn't put out, he begins to masturbate & rub her pussy to see what it feels like. After he makes her cum, he makes his exit leaving Jasper naked & confused.
GENDER TRANSFORMATION Jasper Reed Jilted Tinder Date Gets Possession Revenge

Tuesday September 19
Wednesday September 20
MESMERIZE Ayla Aysel Trained To Be Masters Foot Slave

Ayla is watching some funny cat reels on IG, but her boyfriend (silent POV) wants to watch tv with her. When she doesn't put down her phone, he holds his out saying that he has something for her to watch. Ayla is instantly put into a deep trance & reprogrammed to be her boyfriend's foot slave. At his command, she walks in a circle repeating mantras, removes her dress, acts like a cat, smells her own feet & removes her pantyhose. The POV worships her feet while she pledges her allegiance to her new Master & the clip finishes up with Ayla being instructed to give him a foot job until he cums all over her bare soles.
MESMERIZE Ayla Aysel Trained To Be Masters Foot Slave

Thursday September 21
FEMDOM Jason Ninja Struggles

*this is a custom clip In the first scene of this custom, Jason Ninja is on the couch, his wrists are tied in front of him, his ankles are crossed & tied, and his arms are secured to his knees. There's a rope around his body holding down his arms, and he is ballgagged & barefoot. He struggles around on the couch, trying to get loose & grunting through his gag. In the second scene, Jason is still held captive in his tight tie, but wide black tape has been wrapped around the soles of his feet, and a piece of clear tape has been layered on top of his ballgag.
FEMDOM Jason Ninja Struggles

Friday September 22
VAMPIRE Nyxon And Misty Meaner HOA Prude Entranced And Feasted Upon

The eccentric vampire Nyxferatu has just moved into the neighborhood & already the HOA has an issue with her outdoor decor. Misty Meaner, the prudish head of the HOA, stops in to pay Nyxon a visit to discuss things, but Nyxon quickly turns the tables on Misty by putting her into a trance. Once Misty has pledged her devotion to the Nyxferatu, Nyxon quickly gets to work using her powers of seduction. At the height of Misty's orgasm, Nyxon bites down into the soft flesh of her neck & brings Misty to the point of no return. Taking advantage of Misty's heightened state of bliss, she commands Misty to walk outside while still topless & instructs her to come back next week so that Nyxon can feed off her again.
VAMPIRE Nyxon And Misty Meaner HOA Prude Entranced And Feasted Upon

Saturday September 23
VORE Summer Marshall Sailor Moon Vs The Monsters From The Negaverse

*this is a custom clip A large army of monsters from the Negaverse are attacking the city. Sailor Moon arrives at the scene before the other sailor scouts & she uses a special technique to shrink the army of monsters into tiny gummi bears. There is still a large evil aura around the area that can hurt civilians & with most of Sailor Moon's power exhausted, the only way to get rid of the evil aura for god is by swallowing the shrunken army of monsters whole, absorbing them & purifying the surrounding area to save the city.
VORE Summer Marshall Sailor Moon Vs The Monsters From The Negaverse

Sunday September 24
Monday September 25
FREEZE Nyxon And Mandy Post Mesmer Frozen Suggestion

Coming 09/25/2023

Cleaning ladies Nyxon & Mandy are cleaning out an AirBnB, when Mandy tells Nyxon that her & her boyfriend went to a magic show the night before. She says that it was fun, but that she knows that it's all fake. She tells Nyxon that the mentalist put a "post mesmer suggestion" on the audience members, but laughs at how ridiculous that sounds. Nyxon turns her back to Mandy while she tries to move the couch, but comments that it seems to be "stuck". Immediately, Mandy freezes in place like a statue. Still with her back turned, Nyxon remarks at how sticky the floor is & Mandy unfreezes remembering nothing. This scenario happens again with Nyxon facing Mandy & able to see what's happening. When Mandy unfreezes, Nyxon asks her what is going on. Completely clueless about the situation & unable to give any answers, Mandy continues to clean. It happens one more time & Nyxon finally catches on that this is the result of the post mesmer suggestion from the show last night. Since Mandy has no clue, Nyxon decides to have a bit of fun & begins to pose Mandy's body. She gropes Mandy's tits & even partially undresses her making her look disheveled. Wanting to take things a bit further, Nyxon sits the stiff naked Mandy onto the couch & places the cleaning bucket onto her head. She positions Mandy's arms & legs just so, the says the word "sticky". Mandy unfreezes & is etremely confused & humiliated. She grabs the bucket from her head & does her best to try to cover up while Nyon cackles with laughter at her friend's misfortune.
FREEZE Nyxon And Mandy Post Mesmer Frozen Suggestion

Tuesday September 26
Wednesday September 27
CUNT BUSTING Nyxon And Fina Fina Meets The Final Boss

Coming 09/27/2023

*this is a custom clip Fina has made it to the final level of her VR video game, but now she must face the final boss, Nyxom. What she doesn't realize is that the game is glitched & not only will the hits feel real, but the game has been set to maximum difficulty. Unfortunately for Fina, Nyxon's character has a particular flare for relentlessly attacking her opponents crotch. Thus, Fina is in for a one-sided cunt busting beatdown. Throughout the video, Fina unsuccessfully tries to attack Nyxon, but Nyxon either blocks or dodges her attacks & cuntbusts her in return. At some point, Fina tries to exit the game, but the glitch won't allow her to leave & the ass kicking continues. Fina starts to get punchdrunk as Nyxon works her all over the room. Nyxon continually kicks Fina in the crotch, either doubling her over or making her drop to the ground holding herself. Each time, Nyxon stands Fina back up cuntbusting her some more. To finish Fina off, Nyxon stands her up & delivers a flurry of speedbag punches to Fina's crotch until she crumbles.
CUNT BUSTING Nyxon And Fina Fina Meets The Final Boss

Thursday September 28
Friday September 29
Saturday September 30