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Sunday July 30
Monday July 1
MESMERIZE Roxxxie Blakhart Early Morning Training Session

Roxxxie Blackheart is doing her final primping in her mirror before leaving for work, when she hears a strange noise. Her mirror is emits a strange sequence of lights, causing Roxxxie to stare intently putting her into a deep trance. The lights disappear, and with a "Yes Master", Roxxxie places her arms out in front of her & begins to do zombie walks while reciting mantras. She receives another command & begins to do a sexy striptease down to her lingerie. Her new Master continues to give her subliminal commands to do such things as removes her bra, play with her large tits, do a sexy stocking tease while removing her stockings & then finally masturbating. Roxxxie comes when commanded, then sits on the bed awaiting further instruction.mesmer
MESMERIZE Roxxxie Blakhart Early Morning Training Session

Tuesday July 2
Wednesday July 3
ALIENS AND MONSTERS Nika Venom The Spider Ladys Prey

*this is a custom clip School girl Nika Venom arrives at her teacher's house for an after school tutoring session, but the house is empty. She walks into the living room to take a peek around, but still doesn't find her teacher. She bends over to look at something, and Nyxon (the Spider Lady) creeps up behind her. Nyxon opens her mouth wide flashing her sharp fangs, then sinks her teeth into Nika's tender neck, injecting her with her venom. When Nika's eyes flutter open, she finds herself mummified in thick white spider webs. She rolls around a bit struggling, trying to free herself, but the webs are too strong. She struggles for a few minutes more, then Nyxon comes in to administer the final paralyzing bite.
ALIENS AND MONSTERS Nika Venom The Spider Ladys Prey

Thursday July 4
Friday July 5
CUNT BUSTING Nyxon And Olivia School Girls Cunt Bust Punishment

Olivia has been fucking off in school, and as a result, she's been getting failing grades on her report card. Her stepmother, Nyxon, is fed up with Olivia's rebellious attitude, so she decides to take drastic measures with her punishment. She tells Olivia to "assume the position", and a whiny Olivia reluctantly does what she's told. Nyxon then proceeds to punch, kick & elbow Olivia's pussy until she's learned her lesson & promises to do better in school. Nyxon walks out of the room leaving Olivia to rub her sore pussy through her red satin panties.
CUNT BUSTING Nyxon And Olivia School Girls Cunt Bust Punishment

Saturday July 6
Sunday July 7
Monday July 8
VORE Winter Flynn Famished After First Date

Winter Flynn brings her date home for a night cap, and she notices that he's looking mighty tasty. As they're making small talk, she feels an emptiness in her stomach that needs to be filled. She opens her big mouth & swallows him whole. He slides down her throat & her stomach expands tom accommodate his large body. Winter stands there for a moment rubbing her big bloated belly, then flops onto the couch while she waits for him to digest through her system. She picks up the phone to cruise the dating apps, because once this one digests his way out, she'll have room to put another one in.
VORE Winter Flynn Famished After First Date

Tuesday July 9
Wednesday July 10
Thursday July 11
Friday July 12
VAMPIRE Stella Danny Sugar Fangs

Stella Danny is tired of all of the usual dating sites, and she's having a hard time finding someone who will take care of her. She decides to delve into the darkweb & try her luck over there. She goes down the rabbit hole of odd & unique dating sites including ones for werewolves & even invisible men. She scrolls a little bit more & sees a site called Sugar Fangs. Thinking that it might be nice to have a hot female vampire spoil & take care of her, she swipes right. To her delight, they're already a match & Stella makes plans to see her mystery vampire that evening. Fast forward to after the date, and Stella & her vampire, the Nyxferatu, and getting friendly back at Nyxferatu's house. They roll around the bed while Nyxferatu compliments Stella on her delicious aroma & Stella becomes putty in Nyxferatu's hands. Nyxferatu quickly puts Stella under her spell, then pulls out her Hitachi to really get her heart pumping. Once Nyxferatu has satisfied herself on Stella's life essence, she takes a turn with the Hitachi as well.
VAMPIRE Stella Danny Sugar Fangs

Saturday July 13
Sunday July 14
Monday July 15
VORE Kobe Lee Sailor Pluto Vs The Spirits

*this is a custom clip This is the 5th installment in the Sailor Scout custom series A legion of evil spirits are attacking the city, and Sailor Neptune has been sent to save the day. She uses her special powers to shrink down the evil spirits, and then one by one she swallows them whole. She feels them each sliding down her throat & into her stomach where they grow weaker & weaker until she has absorbed all of their power & the city is saved.
VORE Kobe Lee Sailor Pluto Vs The Spirits

Tuesday July 16
Wednesday July 17
ROBOT Nyxon And Jacquelyn Partybot 3000

Nyxon is in charge of the big corporate Christmas party, and she's decided to rent Partybots to serve drinks & hors d'oeuvres to the guests. The first Parybot arrives, and she's excited to test it out, so she locates the power switch & flips it on. Immediately, the Partybot springs to life & appears ready to serve. Delighted, Nyxon begins to explain to the Partybot that her & the other bots will be responsible for serving the guests at the party. Party? Jacquelyn begins to do a glitchy dance while saying, "I like to party" over & over. Nyxon tells her to stop, that she won't be dancing at the party, but Partybot Jacquelyn keeps going. Nyxon powers her down & runs a diagnostic scan to see if there's any bugs in her system. While she's poking around her control panel, she realizes that the Partybot she rented is a refurbished Stripperbot! No wonder this bot dances & likes to party! Confident that the scan should fix everything, Nyxon powers her back up & once again begins to explain her function at the corporate Christmas party. Partybot Jacquelyn grabs Nyxon, throws her onto the couch, and gives her an awkward lapdance. Nyxon tries to get out from underneath of her, but Partybot Jacquelyn is in full blown meltdown mode.
ROBOT Nyxon And Jacquelyn Partybot 3000

Thursday July 18
Friday July 19
Saturday July 20
Sunday July 21
Monday July 22
FEMALE TRAINING Jasper Reed Reprogrammed For The Job

*this is a custom clip Jasper enters the room dressed for a job interview. She's nervous, but excited as she talks to the hiring manager (silent POV) about the roles & assures them that she can be flexible & learn quickly. The last part of the interview is a little strange. She's asked to test the company's new VR & she puts on some goggles & headphones. Slowly, they begin to brainwash her, removing her resistance & draining her mind away. While this is happening, the interviewer removes Jasper's shoes & begins playing with her bare feet. After the programming is complete, Jasper removes the goggles & headphones, showing that her eyes are blank & white. She accepts the job, and the scene fades out. Fade in, Jasper is wearing only her panties & sprawled out on the floor. Suddenly, she snaps to attention & confirms that she can be flexible. Fade out. Fade in, Jasper's eyes are still white, but she is dressed in girly pink lingerie, a bright pink lip & still barefoot. Her personality is a silly, playful bimbo who loves to show off her body & her feet. Fade out. Fade in, Jasper is dressed in black lingerie & now possesses a very dominant attitude. She demands worship of her body & feet before reverting back to being mindless. Fade out. Fade in, Jasper is in white lingerie & has taken on more of a slave mindset. She begs to obey, stating that she lives to serve. Fade out. Fade in, Jasper is back in her panties & sprawled out on the floor, drooling with a blank stare & white eyes.
FEMALE TRAINING Jasper Reed Reprogrammed For The Job

Tuesday July 23
Wednesday July 24
FEMDOM Nyxon Alba And Dick Tickle Tormented For Top Secret Info

The scene opens up with a naked Dick Dastard nude, tied to the chair & ballgagged getting interrogated by two sexy international spies. Dick isn't willing to give up the info, so Nyxon & Alba take their long nails & begin a slow tickle torment to try to get Dick to talk. They work their way from top to bottom, but no matter how much they make Dick burst out laughing, he's not giving up the goods. Nyxon gives him one last chance to come clean, and then she wraps duct tape around his head & over his ballgag. When she's finished, she tells Dick to sit tight until her goons come to work him over some more.
FEMDOM Nyxon Alba And Dick Tickle Tormented For Top Secret Info

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